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Major Events of Perfect World about Perfect World Gold

2009-04-09 16:07:50

Horse Racing
Players level 40 and above who want Perfect World Gold can participate in this event, and a mount for Cheap Perfect World Gold is not required. However, you are unable to fly. The course of the race is spread over a large variety of terrain. The winner will receive a medal that allows them to continue other quests for Perfect World Power leveling. The consolation prize is a speed badge which can be sold to other players or exchanged for sp.

Treasure Hunts
All players who want to Buy Perfect World Gold are able to participate in this event; there are four different locations to find Perfect World Gold where this event can take place. Players who wish to participate will need to enter the major cities' battle dome (arena) for Perfect World Power leveling and open up the treasure chest for Perfect World Gold. Each chest for Cheap Perfect World Gold can only be opened by one player and the player who does so is vulnerable to attacks. Surprises are released when a chest for Perfect World Gold is opened. For example, an ancient monster might appear, or a few potions.

Forest Hunts/Jungle Ruins
Participants are transported into an area containing invincible monsters that drop Cheap Perfect World Gold. Players are required to run from room to room, avoiding the monsters when you Buy Perfect World Gold, which can kill players with one hit. The objective is to make it to the last room as quickly as possible. Players who succeed in doing so will be rewarded a great amount of exp and sp. There is a time limit of 3 hours for making Perfect World Gold. As time passes the exp and sp value of the reward will decrease. There is no penalty for death. Perfect World has recently removed the Forest Hunts and Jungle Ruins expeditions from the game due to player exploits.

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