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Princess Yauj, Lord Kri and Vem of Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

2009-06-27 16:47:57

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj is a raid for 40 members to play, and Princess Yauj, Lord Kri and Vem are bosses in it. As other bosses, players will allow get WoW currency (copper, silver and WoW gold), armors, weapons and XP (WoW power leveling). Here we will introduce abilities of Yauj, Kri and Vem. Of course, we still tell WoW players how to kille these three bosses and gain your own rewards including World of Warcraft gold, items and equipments.

Abilities of Yauj, Vem and Kri

Princess Yauj, Lord Kri and Vem are three enemies in the optional "Bug Family" boss encounter in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. The order in which you kill the three bugs determines which loot table is used for drops. Before players start to fight, you should be very know abilities of bosses, and decide tactics with your members. It will help you and you members complete this battle fast and easily, enjoy your WoW combat and WoW gold!

Abilities of princess Yauj
Melee Attack
AoE Fear: Cast every 20 seconds. Will wipe aggro, even if fear element is mitigated by Fear Ward, Berserker Rage or Will of the Forsaken.
Heal: Yauj will attempt to cast a self-heal that will need to be interrupted. If she is close to Lord Kri and/or Vem, she will attempt to heal them as well, dictating the need to tank Yauj away from the other two.
Death: Several Yauj Broodlings spawn upon her death. They can be crowd controlled by almost any method such as fears, stuns, or Frost Nova.

Abilities of Vem
Melee Attack
Death: Will enrage Princess Yauj and Kri if they are still alive, increasing their attack speed and damage.
Extra: When Vem is killed, if he isn’t the last one you are going to kill, Kri or Yauj will enrage and will hit twice as hard and use their abilities at elevated speed (as someone elegantly put it, it’s like killing someone's child right in front of them!).
Abilities of Lord Kri
Melee Attack
Frontal Cleave
Toxic Volley: Poison attack that hits for 500 nature damage and DoTs for 125 damage per tick. Can stack up to 20 times.
Death: Lord Kri's corpse will leave a poison cloud that debuffs and deals 2,000 damage per second, almost a guaranteed death if stood in for too long.

Tactics of defeating Yauj, Vem and Kri

The basic idea is to keep these 3 as far away from each others as possible, now that is obviously easier said than done. The basic tanking positions are shown in the picture, these guys will be tanked at those locations no matter in which order you kill them. The arrow in picture shows the entrance to the room. In matter of fact, players will deal to kinds of hard tactics to challenge yourself, and improve interesting of battle. So that you and your members will enjoy more victory and happy of getting World of Warcraft gold! Prepare your armors, weapons and other items before you go to fight to bosses. If you need large of WoW gold to repair or buy equipments, you should buy WoW gold from Vcsale, a professional WoW gold and WoW powerleveling supplier site, we guarantee to bring you cheap WoW gold and the best service! Here we talk about two tactics!

Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, Vem (Easy mode):
Start off by killing Lord Kri. Obviously you are going to need all your DPS on him, only one tank is needed - aggro is very stable. Have your druids / paladins / shamans keep the DoT off everyone while the priests keep up the healing until he is dead.

Make sure to move the raid away from that position, just to make sure no one gets feared into the Toxic cloud, with everyone feared and/or not in range, it will result in a certain death for that person.

As the picture shows, you need to tank Princess Yauj on the other side of the room. She will need two tanks to keep her off the rest of the raid. The main tank should have Fear Ward on him at all times possible, for horde side keep Tremor Totem up, and use Will of the Forsaken at all times possible. Have the off tank stand in the middle of the room out of the fears range ready to charge and taunt, just in case the main tank should be hit by the fear and she springs out on a rampage.

Since you are killing these bugs on “easy mode” Yauj won’t heal as much as she would have done once Kri is dead. She should be a lot easier to kill, so let your rogues kick her and mages Counterspell her as soon as she starts casting. She cannot be silenced, but the interrupt effect of Counterspell still works.

While this is being done have your entire sp

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