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The Quickest Way to Do 70-80 Northrend WOW Leveling

2009-04-22 16:42:42

In World of Warcraft, for Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK) Northrend, the fastest way to level up with WOW power leveling from 70-80. This isn't the 60-70 races anymore; it's a whole new ball game because only a select few beta testers will have had access to WOTLK, while the rest of us will have to experience it all for the first time as we move through our levels.

What is the fastest way to level from 70-80? The best method or WOTLK leveling guide to look into.

The quickest way in WOTLK will remain the same - questing. By doing quests you can get WOW gold or other game items. Ideally all Warcraft players should have had a fair start, and while we definitely value the input and adjustment made because of the Beta testers, let's face it, they have an edge. They have prior knowledge about what instances to run, what quests to do and overall a basic head start. So even though questing is still the best way for WOW leveling in World of Warcraft (WOTLK) the trick will be finding a way to level the playing field again.

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