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WoW Gold: WOTLK Northrend Guide Part 2

2009-02-01 16:24:26

Wrath of the Lich King, a new place prepares to high-level players who are allowed explore and adventure in that wild WOTLK world. Enjoy your rewards, such as great fame, much WoW gold and other equipment. We will introduce the next northrend guide of WOTLK, we hope it can help players do easy WoW power leveling.

Zul’Drak (73 - 76)
Zul’Drak is the homeland of the Drakkari Ice Trolls, and their king Malakk, whom players will most likely encounter in the city of Gundrak, a 10/25-man raid instance. The land is full of life among ancient troll ruins, with encampments of Ice Trolls found nearly everywhere (similar to some areas of Stranglethorn Vale). It is here that tribes of the Drakkari nation battle among themselves.

Grizzly Hills (74 - 76)
Grizzly Hills is the home of the polar furbolgs of Grizzlemaw, a city located inside the stump of their failed effort at a new world tree. In addition to the furbolg, Grizzly Hills is also the new home of Arugal and his legion of Worgen, and to Scourge forces located at another entrance to Drak’Tharon Keep. The zone is very thickly forested, with much wildlife - though the goblin Venture Trading Company have set up deforestation camps throughout the area. In addition to having both Alliance and Horde camps, the zone is rumored to also have a world PVP objective (similar to Halaa, perhaps) that will constantly be contested between the factions.
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Sholazar Basin (75 - 78)
Sholazar Basin is a lush, rich jungle environment similar to Stranglethorn Vale, and is protected from outside Scourge invasion. Not much is known about the area, though players will participate in a faction war between two new races, the Wolvar (a race of sentient wolverine-like creatures) and the Oracles (basically super-murlocs). Players will also find a familiar face deep in the jungle, the bloodthirsty explorer Hemet Nesingwary and a crew of his men, hunting the land - only this time, being fended off by a new organization known as D.E.H.T.A (Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals) who will stop at nothing to thwart Nesingwary’s efforts at obtaining new trophies. There are no dungeons in Sholazar Basin.
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Crystalsong Forest (77 - 80)
The Crystalsong Forest is a thick, crystallized forest which has been transformed by the warring dragonflights. The zone was once a rich and lush forest, but as the Black Dragonflight ravaged the land, the Blue Dragonflight’s defenses resulted in much loose magic which clinged to the once living forest and covered it in a solid, crystal skin. The zone has no real established settlements and is mainly populated by crystalline golems and green dragons. In fact, World of Warcraft powerleveling guide is very good to WoW player which make the game easier and saver your time. And players can get more World of Warcraft gold.

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