Here’s Why Snapchat Porn Is Taking Over The Internet



As unbelievable as it might sound, a lot of people find traditional porn to be quite boring.

At its basic level, regular pornography has hardly changed over the past thirty years. The big name companies still produce thirty minute long videos with perfectly-toned, unrealistic-looking models, which then follow a basic formula. But like any good medium, pornography needs to involve in order to stay on top.

Enter the world of Snapchat porn. The social media behemoth Snapchat has brought sexting into the mainstream, so it’s no surprise that pornstars have jumped on the platform to peddle their sexy wares. Here’s three huge reasons why Snapchat porn is taking over the internet:

Snapchat porn is more genuine

One of the biggest complaints about the porn industry is the over-manufacturing of professional adult movies. For example, when we look at movies from porn giants like Reality Kings or New Sensations, it’s very hard to believe that what we’re witnessing is real intimacy. These kinds of movies usually involve unrealistic sex, bad storylines and even worse acting.

Which then presents the question: why does porn need acting and storylines at all? The simple answer is they don’t, which is why Snapchat is currently the go-to place for explicit material.

Snapchat allows pornstars to snap scenes from their real lives and broadcast it for their millions of followers. It allows them to be their natural selves without having to act a certain way or pose in a certain position, and this is more appealing to both the pornstar and the consumer.

Personalized content

Social media is based around the notion of connectivity. Facebook and Twitter were both created with the idea of bringing people closer together, but have gradually lost track of their initial visions. Facebook is used more as a platform to share news articles and viral videos, whereas Twitter has become a source of news and keeping up to date with trends.

Snapchat, however, is the one social media giant who haven’t deviated from their original vision. Connectivity and interaction still remains at the heart of Snapchat, and is evident from the amount of personalized content shared between celebrities and their fans. Pornstars, of course, fall heavily into this category.

While there might be a few paywalls in place, Snapchat is the only platform where you can regularly interact with pornstars on a personal level. Additionally, this allows you to make requests for personalized content which most stars are more than happy to deliver on. Due to content being so simple to create on Snapchat, it doesn’t require pornstars to take hours out of their day to film, edit and upload media.

Exclusive content

It’s easy to go to a pornstar’s website and consume the same media which millions of others have. Sometimes, it can feel like a lackluster experience, knowing that countless others have already been here and seen the same thing.

Due to the fleeting nature of Snapchat content, most media which is uploaded to the platform will eventually disappear for good. Therefore, it’s quite a satisfying feeling to know that you’re one of a handful of people who have seen a particular photo or video.

In addition, the content which a lot stars upload to Snapchat won’t be seen on any other platform. It won’t be seen on Pornhub, Imagefap, or any other high profile site. This allows for a greater sensation of intimacy and overall satisfaction.

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