5 Reasons You Should Play World of Warcraft

5.) All of the Trees

Blizzard apparently comprehends the appeal of these beautiful trees, and so they made their key selling mechanism for Legion surrounding just that. The talent trees! Every player is now able to gain up to three artifacts or legendary weapons, and each of these comes with their own characteristics and a its own original powering up system. Using a selection of relics, the player decides how and when to power-up their weapon. To give even more detail to this addition, each characteristic contains different sectors of power. One other “gemming” feature lets you work out different routes at the same time, going for the quickest way for these routes to meet.

4.) Class Halls

The Garrison concept in Warlords of Draenor was a very brave idea. The only issue was, it was honestly poorly played out, and very quickly, this concept began to be a real pain. Take for instance follower missions. After all of the hard work that is put into recruiting, gearing and leveling followers, they started to seem useless even before the first major patch hit. Legion approached these annoyances by debuting the streamlined Class Hall concept. With this new concept,  all the confusing and annoying profession chores are no more.

3.) Player VS. Player

Blizzard often contains a certain separation between Player-Versus-Player and Player-Versus-Environment. Their reasoning for this probably was, someone who is all geared up by putting so many hours into destroying other players doesn’t deserve to have the privileges of end-game story content as soon as possible just by using their awarded gear. How they pulled this off was that they made serious changes to Player vs. player with every expansion, and often in the form of adjustments or adding in some confusing gear concepts.

2.) Cultural References

World of Warcraft has never failed to contain some heavy and quite obvious pop culture shout-outs. With Legion, Blizzard lets everything lose and surprises us with these references to fill each and every space.  That last line should be taken literally. An upgrade trait for a frost mage artifact is legitimately entitled Let It Go. Another trait is entitled Ice Age. Go figure. On one fire mage artifact, it is crucial to gain the Great Balls of Fire trait. And finally, there are the achievements with titles such as  “Azusuna” Matata, and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. In one quest chain, there is even a shout out to Hogwarts thrown in there…

1.) Collect Collect Collect!

What used to sell really well in WoW were bags. Every player always was in dire need of more slots to save their obsolete gear for development purposes. Besides this,  there was also the constant need to save all kinds of rare drops, reagents, and more. However, bags were never enough to store all of these supplies, because of the game only you limited the player to a few. In order to fix the issue, Blizzard came out with three new features: void storage, the toy box, and the reagent bank tab. With Legion, they complete this change by coming out with the Wardrobe, which is literally an interface just for transformation.

Below is 10 reasons why people love to play World of Warcraft!