How to Auto Level Your World of Warcraft Player (Without Getting Banned)

World of Warcraft; the game that took my motivation for life right out from under me. It’s a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, you’re wasting away the best years of your life in front of a computer screen, and you’re masturbating with the other.

Nobody likes wasting their time grinding away at their new Warcraft character, but you know what people do like? – Exploits. Now, let’s jump in and see how we can get our characters leveled up as fast as possible.

Do Everything

Ever since Blizzard released World of Warcraft in 2004, they’ve been making the game a little less fun every day. This is the result of a community that is hell-bent on leveling up – and doing everything in their power to level up faster than anyone else.

Blizzard responded to this behavior by slowly making the characters harder to level. You used to be able to do exploits for hours and finish up with a character leveled to 110. Now, you have to do the unthinkable – play the game.

That’s right. By participating in every single activity/quest you find, you’ll be able to gain XP faster than any other exploit currently in the game. It’s probably for the best though.


Boosts have been a part of World of Warcraft for as long as I can remember. With expansion packs like Warlords of Draenor or Battle for Azeroth, you can acquire a character boost that will make leveling between certain levels much easier.

Another great way to level up your character is by paying someone else to do it for you. I know that paying another person to play a videogame for you doesn’t really make any sense, but it’s an easy way for anyone to get to 110 – but it’s going to cost you.

Paying someone 48 dollars to play on your WoW account for a day isn’t the worst way to spend your money. I mean, you could be buying Fortnite skins – ugh. It hurt me to just wrote out that sentence.


Heirlooms can be a big help when you’re trying to power level your character, but you won’t be able to pull one out of your ass every time you want to speed your process up a bit.

Once you get yourself outfitted with a chest piece, shoulders, bracers, and boots – you’ll be getting so much more XP from your quests, you’ll be level 110 in no time at all.

They are, however, pretty rare – so if you think collecting a full set of heirloom equipment is going to be easy, you’d be dead wrong. It’s going to take you over 100 hours of gameplay to find even one piece. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to just try out my first step, which is just playing the game as much as you can. Everything is pretty balanced now so don’t waste your time trying to find new exploits – you won’t find any. Just have fun with it, and you’ll be level 110 sooner than you think.