Best Places to Buy World of Warcraft Gold

In most games, you’re usually dealing with some sort of currency when it comes to buying things. Sure, some games allow you to trade, but you’re usually going to have to earn some sort of in-game moolah to get ahead. In most games you’re looking at coins, in Alice the Madness Returns the currency is teeth, but in most high fantasy games you’re looking at gold.

This is how WOW functions as well. You need to get gold to get ahead in the game. Sure, you can make your money the way the game intends it – by raiding, selling loot, etc. – or you can buy from shady people on the internet.

There always seems to be a market to buy in-game currency online when the game doesn’t allow the straight up purchasing of the currency. And the market is usually pretty shady.

You can usually count on shady individuals selling in-game currency that only come through about half the time.

You can always buy gold online and hope it comes through… or you can just buy a WOW token.

Yes, Blizzard finally has realized that unless they make it possible to buy gold through their system, then their users are just going to go out online and buy it themselves… and subsequently get fucked by shady internet people.

So now that the best place to buy WoW gold is through Blizzard – thank god – how does the WoW Token work?

The basics:

The WoW token will cost you $20 in the in-game cash store. From there you can sell it at the auction house at a price that’s dictated by the game. Why can’t you set your price? Well, it’s simple supply and demand. Based on how many people are looking to buy gold, the price of your token will change.

This does kind of suck considering you will never know how much your token will run for at a given time… however, it’s all to ensure that the in-game economy doesn’t get totally fucked.

It’s a simple one-time transaction that allows players to buy and sell gold – believe me, it could be much more complicated if Blizzard wanted it to be.

You can’t sell it again once you’ve purchased it with gold; however, you can cash it in for game time! Balance

You can also cash in the token for $15 of balance! This will allow you to buy paid mounts, companion pets, and other things in the in-game cash shop.

Additionally, you can use this balance across other Blizzard properties. This means you can buy things in games like Heros of the Storm and Overwatch!

This kind of shifts the whole economy of the game since the WoW economy now bleeds over into other Blizzard products… I’d say that there’s more of a Blizzard-wide economy now than anything else.

Why should I buy a token?

You don’t have to buy a token. Depending on what the market value for the item is, you might be able to get more bang for your buck through a shady online dealer… but they get gold through illegal activities such as hacking…

If you want to make sure your gold will come through and get ethically created gold you might aswell purchase the token.