Frequently Asked Questions

Will this get me banned?

Short answer, no. None of our customers have ever reported being banned after using our service, and our farming accounts have never received a ban. We don’t cheat, use bots, or anything else that could raise a flag with Blizzard. Other companies may get their gold in an illegitimate way, but this often results in their farming accounts, and anyone who’s traded with that account being banned. We take pride in going about things the right way to avoid this. 

What if I made a mistake when placing my order?

No worries, we’ll figure it out! Sometimes our customers will make a typo in their characters name, or select the wrong server, or make some other error. If we’re unable to find your character in-game and confirm the transaction, we’ll reach out by phone or email. Also, when you order from us, we’ll send you an email that you can reply to or open live chat from. If all else fails, and we’re unable to deliver the gold, we’ll simply refund your money.

What servers do you supply gold to?

We always have more than enough gold in stock for all realms in every region.

What is the verification code for?

We’ll give you a unique code when you make your purchase. To verify that it’s really you in game, you’ll send this code in a private message to the person who delivers your gold. We want to make sure you get your gold, and it’s not given mistakenly to someone else with a similar name.