How I Met Wy Wife on World of Warcraft

While videogames do allow you to connect with fellow nerds, gaming isn’t generally considered to be a social activity that can lead to a casual sext for serious relationship. While a lot of people may consider me a shut-in – including my friends that I’ve met in real life – I’ve actually met and forged some pretty important connections from online gaming.

I’d always get harassed by friends and family that I wasn’t doing enough socializing or that I wasn’t doing enough to meet someone special… whatever that was supposed to mean.

Little did they know that when I was playing my favorite game – World of Warcraft – until three AM that I was putting in some serious work in the love department. They stopped badgering me about going out and dating when I told them that I did meet someone special…

Someone special enough that she’s wound up being my wife! Here’s my World of Warcraft meet-cute story that eventually ended in matrimony:

Guilds and Girls

When I first started playing WOW, I didn’t have too many friends on the site. Up until more recently, you’ve had to make your own friends. However, the game has started to help more solo-minded players out with features that help you find a party for raids and what not.

I did, however, decide that it’d probably be better if I started playing regularly with other players instead of strangers. It was winter, and I was spending more time online since I’m cold-blooded and HATE the cold.

After chatting with some people about joining their guild, I decided to join up with a group of people I’ve raided with before.

Everyone was kind and funny, so I felt right at home! I remember that there was this one female player – we’ll call her Sandy – who didn’t come on so often as she was always out with friends and this guy – we’ll call him Chad – who I assumed was her boyfriend.

After a while, I noticed that she was on more. I assumed that she wasn’t a fan of cold weather until someone mentioned that she and Chad had broken up.

Heartbreak sucks, but I was secretly glad that this clever and badass WOW player was on more.

Late night chats

We started using Skype and Discord to communicate more like a guild. We were making some serious raid progress so we figured it would be easier to communicate over voice and video chat than it would be typing!

One night after a raid me and Sandy were the last two on voice chat. We decided to cam-up, and when I saw her face, I almost passed out because she was so hot. And we started talking. The next thing we knew it was midnight and we both had work in the morning… so we said goodnight…

But then we started talking more and more. We started gaming together without the rest of the guild and playing other games on other platforms together. We talked late into the night most nights and started texting one another.


We decided that we should probably just meet up since we lived in neighboring states. So we met halfway, and we hit it off.

We made a standing date every month that we’d meet up and hang out! When I got the opportunity job-wise, I made a change and moved to her city, and we started dating!

Two years later I found myself on one knee asking her to marry me. A little under a year later we were exchanging vows in front of friends, family, and a few other guild members.