Top 3 Places to Buy World of Warcraft Gold (other than us)

3.) Avatarbank

This website is definitely creating a name for itself as a seller of World of Warcraft gold that contains absolutely no frustration. Users of this site adore its easy ordering method, where the user is always informed about the status of their order, and the user also is able to receive quick alerts and responses if they need these in order to make a decision with purchasing. This smooth service has assisted in raising the company’s website to third in satisfaction rankings according to

Not only that, but the site also receives numerous appraisals for its acceptable speed, and is also known for receiving very large gold orders. Most of the orders are completed within 24 hours, and many customers proudly rave about receiving their gold in as fast as 10 minutes. Speed is of sheer importance, particularly for users with next to no playtime and patience for waiting around for the delivery to come through. The website is known to have very reasonable prices. It contains a selling rate of $17.58 per 50,000 World of Warcraft gold on Aegwynn Alliance server. You’ll definitely be able to find a couple of cheaper websites on this list, but if you are looking to place an especially hefty order, then sticking to Avatarbank might just be your best bet.

2.) Koala Credits

Don’t let the looks of this website send you the wrong message. The plethora of adorable little koala bears found all over the website might give you the wrong vibes, such as you might not be able to take this seller seriously at first, however, as a matter of fact, it jumps around a lot of its biggest rivals when it comes to satisfying its customer base. Koala Credits comes in second place in the rankings for satisfaction rates, rolling through most ranking sites with a rating of 9.0 out of 10, and a good chunk of this derives from their amazing service for World of Warcraft.

Approval rates for are based on its speedy delivery of gold, its issueless transaction plan and last but certainly not least, its attentive customer support. Gold is delivered to users in as quick as just 15 minutes, and it is very rare to hear about orders that take more than 24 hours to be delivered, which makes Koala Credits very reliable for purchasers of raiders, levelers and auction house.

1.) InGameDelivery

 Dependability is a characteristic that is pretty tough to find when you’re looking to purchase World of Warcraft gold, but InGameDelivery has a tendency to send it to you in spades, which has assisted in pushing this Canadian website to the top of the satisfaction rankings chain. The speed of delivery is pretty fast with most of the orders delivered within 24 hours, and a huge portion of those are satisfied within the course of an hour’s time. Visitors have the ability to pick up their gold whenever they want to, and they also have the option to pick their items up from face-to-face transferring, game inbox deliveries, or from auction house transactions.

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