Top 5 Most Valuable World of Warcraft Items

Anyone who plays World of Warcraft is aware of all the possible items you can obtain to make yourself more powerful as a player, from weapons, armor, gems, mounts, pets, and plenty more, there’s an endless amount of items available for you to collect. You can store items in a backpack, bank, or void storage. Each item has its tooltips and terms which lets you view the item’s details and see its uses. Just as there are many items to sue in World of Warcraft, there are many ways you can acquire these items. One way is through achievements, which are one of the rarer ways to unlock items, as they’re awarded for completing large amounts of content in the game. Another way of obtaining items that’s more easily accessible is through completing quests, where you’re automatically rewarded with items after completing quests.

Those are by no means the only ways of acquiring items, though. There’s plenty of different ways you can get some seriously helpful items to help you along your quests and in battle. There are some items, however, that seem to be a rarity and if you’re lucky enough to have one, you could be sitting on a goldmine.

Here are five of the considerably most valuable items in the game.

Chromatic Sword

Worth about 500,000 gold, the chromatic sword is definitely one of the rarest and most expensive items you can get in World of Warcraft. After the Cataclysm revamp the value of this item spiked as it was lost as a drop from a rare-spawn monster. It was already pretty rare of an item in its day, but it has become increasingly more difficult to find. No longer available in the game, you could only find it in the Auction House. It’s a distinct item for its rainbow sheen that sparkles off the blade, a one-of-a-kind feature for swords.

Xorothian Firestick

A fan-favorite of collector’s items, the Xorothian Firestick is a very unique-looking gun. As unique as it is, it’s also pretty difficult to get one. The Xorothian Firestick is a rare drop for hunters that comes from a boss that only warlocks can summon in Dire Maul. This might not sound like such a hard thing to do, but the issue is that the boss needed to get this item was only available as part of a quest chain for the warlock mount that has been removed from the game for years. So, as it stands, only the warlocks who completed this quest-chain back when it was still available. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who can do it and summon the boss, the drop rate for this item is still relatively low.

Black Qiraji Battle Tank

This is the only legendary mount in the game, and to obtain this awesome giant bug mount, a whole server would have to band together and help one another get through a ridiculous, globe-trotting quest, complete with its own boss encounters, to open the doors to Ahn’Qiraj. A single player would have to craft a mallet, along with the help of others. This mount is no longer available in the game and was only obtainable for one to two years as Blizzard added new realms and gave players an opportunity to complete the quest chain.

Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider

This is one of my personal favorite rarities within World of Warcraft for the simple fact that it has such a legendary tale behind it. While the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider isn’t particularly extraordinary, the way one player got it, and ultimately lost it, is. This mechanostrider isn’t particularly distinct from others, except for the fact that its color wasn’t available to other players and was a true one-of-a-kind mount. A player by the name of Neshe from the EU was given this mount after a GM accidentally put it in his backpack after Neshe made the mistake of deleting his own. He quickly became a folk hero within the game, sitting on the item for years.

One day, however, Neshe decided to try to sell his account online, at a very expensive price at that, to claim the rewards of holding something so valuable and rare. He was caught by a GM, though, and to punish him, they banned Neshe and removed the mount from his backpack, making the item lost forever.

Big Love Rocket

During the Valentine’s Day “Love is in the Air” event that happens in WoW for a few days, players have the chance of obtaining the Big Love Rocket, a rare item that seems impossible to achieve – at a 1 in 3333 chance, to be exact. The item drops once per day from the Heart-Shaped Box, and it’s the only time you can get it.