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Welcome to VCSALE’s Affiliate Program
12% Basic Payout
$10 Basic Commission once sign up
22% Best Affiliate
15% Best $10K payout

Our program is free to join; it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

How does it work
When you join our program you will get an access to your own control panel. There you can get banners and text links to promote our site. When you refer some customer to us, you will receive a percentage of his purchase as a reward.

Real-Time Statistics And Reporting
Check your statistic, sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing anytime in your affiliate panel.

Affiliate Program Details
Commission: We pay from 12% and up for each sale

Affiliate Promotions

15% Beat $10K Payout
To give our affiliates the benefit of the doubt, we are starting everyone out with 15% commission if they can achieve our total of $10,000 USD worth in sales within 3 months? This really is the best payout in the business!
Please note however if you do not reach this target a standard commission of 12% is given for these months. Your affiliate manager will be happy to work out a tailored solution for your needs.

22% Best Affiliate
We at VCSALE like to reward our affiliates. That is why we are running a 22% commission rate for our top performing affiliate every month. After we have confirmed the winner for the month (based on total sales)? The following month the top affiliate will receive 22% commission for all transactions.
We have started our new affiliate program?so everyone is now on an equal playing field, there has never been a better time to get started ?so what are you waiting for?!?

How It Works?
Our conversions for your mmorpg game gold are among the top 5 in the Industry. What does this mean? Well you couldn’t pick a better company to promote! We provide all the complicated stuff (customer support, secure transactions, web design, delivery, etc.) – meaning you are free to promote our website via our customized links & banners. With every sale your visitors make you earn top $.

How You Get Paid!
On the 20th of every month.