Three Tips to Get WOW Gold

I know there’s a million WOW gold making ways (and 5 million ways to be broke!), and I know this topic of making World of Warcraft gold has been discussed over and over and over…but about the matter of WOW momey I thought i’d help the newbies out with how I went from rags to riches.

Tip One: Pick 2 gathering professions. Take two gathering professions initially. My personal favorite is mining and skinning because you’ll be killing tons of animals anyway, why not skin them? Mining/Herbalism is not ideal because they share the same minimap (unless there’s some addin that fixes it). The reason that you pick two gathering professions is simple…crafting professions require higher and higher level items the further up you go, and you’ll reach a point quickly where you need materials that you can’t gather yourself. And since most crafting professions don’t make WOW gold money until you are high high level (discussed later), you will be broke as a joke…and we don’t want that, do we? 🙂 With mining and skinning you will find yourself with enough wow gold to pay for gryphons and all the latest green items you need (heck maybe even some blues!)

Tip Two: Invest in big bags. Once you start gathering leathers, hides, ores, stones, gems, etc…you will quickly find that you’ll fill up your bags. Skip the 10 and 12slot bags and go all 14slots. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to afford them faster than you think! More bagspace equals less trips running back to the Auction House. Speaking of which…

Tip Three: The Auction House is your friend. Don’t you ever ever EVER sell non vendor trash to vendors! If it’s white colored text, find out what it’s used for and what it sells for, and put it up on the AH! You can get cheap WOW gold through the AH. I can’t tell you the number of times i’ve grouped with ppl and they leave Wicked Claws on the corpse! I sell those for 20-25s World of Warcraft money each and that adds up! For the items you got from your gathering professions, find out what the price is on the AH and put it on for what you think it will sell for. Don’t try to get the absolute most out of it…you don’t want these auctions to expire, so make the price aggressive yet still worth it for you.