WoW Gold: PvP Combat

World of Warcraft as the king of MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-player game), it is very popular by the whole world, not only in American and European, but also Asia. Therefore, it has a huge business opportunity for selling WoW gold, WoW items and WoW powerleveling. And our gold supplier website war set up in these situations. We offer players cheap WoW gold and WoW power-leveling with highi effectively. Here we’ll take PvP combat tips to WoW players.
At the first, we will talk about some acronyms are often used in the World of Warcraft that might not be familiar to you, for reference, here are the acronyms and their meaning.

PvP – Person versus Person (fighting real people)
PvE – Person versus Environment (fighting computer controlled monsters)
NPC – non-player character (controlled by a computer)
PC – Player Character (controlled by a real person)
DPS – Damage Per Second
AoC/AoH/AoM – Aspect of the Cheetah/Hawk/Monkey

Player-versus-player gameplay is very important to World of Warcraft. It can give players enough WoW experience to advancement and World of Warcraft gold. However, not everyone wishes to engage in PvP combat because it is very bored like WoW power-level. Thus, there are different realm types, normal and PvP, that will accomodate either preference.

On normal servers, you can enter into player-versus-player combat by storming enemy capitals, entering special PvP zones called battlegrounds, or by attacking the guards in enemy cities. You can also flag yourself for PvP by toggling the option in your player menu, or attack an opposing faction player who is flagged for PvP (doing so will automatically turn your own flag on). In all cases, you have a choice to engage in PvP combat or not. There are lots of strategies to help players gain WoW gold and WoW experience easily, not buy WoW gold in gold supplier website.

The rewards for PvP play are excellent, such as World of Warcraft gold, WoW experience and various items. However, since the Horde-Alliance conflict is central to the Warcraft universe, player-vs-player combat is encouraged. As you defeat enemy players, you will accumulate honor points and get more fame. You can then spend those points on honor rewards, such as special equipment, weapons, and mounts which can’t buy in WoW gold. Your honor points will never decay or decrease without spending them, so this system makes it possible to buy several smaller rewards or one large reward with the same number of points. Keep in mind though, that you will only gain points for defeating players near your level.