Which payment methods do you accept?
We prefer Paypal as our online payment method for small to medium purchases on our site. Please be aware that your Paypal account being verified and your delivery/contact information being confirmed is up to date. This will speed up the verification and delivery of your order. For larger orders, we advise you pay via Western Union.

Are there discounts for larger orders?
Yes, we offer bulk discounts on a case by case basis. Please contact us via Live Help or e-mail salesdep@vcsale.com to discuss a bulk discount.

Which servers do you supply on my game?
We offer supplies of game currency on all the games listed to your left, on all servers available. To see a list of available servers and the services offered, please select your game on the left of your screen.

How is my information protected from hackers/fraudsters?
By becoming a VCSALE customer, you are dealing with a reputable company with a long history of satisfied customers. However, successful companies such as ours are often targeted by hackers and phishers in order to steal your account, personal and/or payment information. We ask that you take certain precautions to protect yourself from fraud:

1) If you are asked to send payment to any other address, this is not us! Ensure that, when you think you are purchasing on the VCSALE web site, that the URL in your address bar reads “www.VCSALE.com”.
2) You can ensure you are dealing with VCSALE staff ingame by e-mailing us or otherwise contacting us with a security phrase. Our staff will repeat this to you ingame to verify you are dealing with VCSALE.
3) If you need to verify the validity of a VCSALE staff member, please contact our Live Help and they will confirm their validity for you.

Why do you sometimes need to call me when I’ve made an order?
(1) There may have been an error on your order, a mis-spelt character name or complications with payment.
2)If you have been unavailable to receive your order, we may call you to ask you to collect your order ingame, if remote delivery is not available.
3) For largers orders, we must confirm your identity and legitimate possesion of the card orPaypal account you are using to pay. This serves to decrease fraud and deter scammers, something which benefits all our customers and MMORPG players.
4) If you are worried about an order or have not managed to resolve an issue via e-mail,we may call you to assure you and help resolve any problems you are having

What time are you likely to call me regarding an order?
We are aware of vast time differences between certain countries, and so we will strive to call you 30 minutes to 1 hour after your order is made to ensure you are available and that we don’t wake you up!

How can I communicate with VCSALE after my payment has been made?
You can opt to contact us via Live Help, e-mail or telephone (contact details can be found in the Contact Us section). Please quote your order number to ensure your enquiry is dealt
with swiftly.

Why do your prices change so frequently?
We raise and lower our prices in accordance with market supply and demand. When supply is short and demand is high, prices will increase. When supply is plentiful but there is little demand, prices will decrease. This is the reason for changing prices and also why currency prices may vary from server to server on one game.

Will my account get banned if I buy from VCSALE?
Quite simply – no. We have never been informed of any account bans of VCSALE customers due to their dealings with VCSALE. We are a reputable company that does not engage in cheating, exploiting or phishing. Dealing with other companies who obtain currencies and virtual commodities through these illegitimate means may result in your account being banned, but we can assure you we are not one of those. We are proud of our company’s reputation and we will continue offering a safe, quality service to our customers, whilst combatting scammers and fraudsters in MMORPGs

What is trade verification code?
When you choose to receive your goods with the mode face to face, the verification code is to help you and us verify your order completion. It usually would be told to the person who trades with you after your goods transaction. It’s unique for every single order thus for your trade security, please do not tell it to the person who attemps to trade you before the trade is complete. The trade verification code would be found in the order information.

What is “Put Into My Account” trade mode?
a) Provide us with your Character Name, Account Username, and Password in the comment box during checkout.
b) Delivery Representatives will login to account and transfer gold to your character when the gold is ready.

This ensures faster delivery and you may retrieve the gold at anytime. We would advise using alternate accounts to avoid your main account getting flagged, also we assure that your account information would be kept as privacy.

Why use “Put Into My Account” trade mode?
First, you would never be suspicious of our aspiration to complete your order with safe and fast trade mode that wouldn’t make any of your account information exposed. After hunders of orders accomplished with this mode, none of our customers’ account got hacked. Customers with their satisfaction are important to us not their accounts.
Second, We at VCSALE.com always help you receive gold fast and safe. As we analyse and find out the result from thousands orders, comparing the “Put Into My Account” mode trade with other traditionals, this mode get a quicker delivery and usually save 38% time for us to complete the trade. It also helped to complete the trade faster far beyond our customers’ expectation.
Now choosing this mode and you will receive 5% bonus for free. Thus you will totally get 2160 gold for your order at 2000 gold.
More than 25,000 delighted customers won’t cheat you. A fast growing company with excellent reputation won’t cheat you. Just a simple click to gain 8% bonus more on our cheapest price.
Enjoy your game life!

How to pay with “Credit card through paypal”?
Using this payment method, you will be redirected to the PayPal checkout page once you click the paypal image at the final order page, there you may choose two ways to complete your payment. The paypal page is always safe to keep your credit card information as privacy. 100% safe!

1. If you find a login box on the right of the page and the sentence “Sign up for a PayPal account and continue checkout”, it means you once logged in your paypal account. Then you may click “continue checkout” to pay with your credit card through paypal to finish the payment or login your paypal account to finish the payment.

2. If you do not have a paypal account and never tried to login one paypal account, you will then be able to enter your credit card information on the left of the original Paypal checkout page to complete your payment.