Dating Apps Didn’t Work, So I Got A Girlfriend on World of Warcraft

You wouldn’t think a nerd like me would find a girlfriend spending his days playing World of Warcraft, and I would never have thought so either. I’m here today to tell you about how it happened.

I’d been playing WoW for years for hours a day, but only as an escape from my life—a way to avoid thinking about things I didn’t want to think about. This is what brought me to the game in the first place; I was depressed after finishing college and decided that if I could get away from reality just for a little while, then I should be able to do it over and over again. You know?

First Try: Tinder

But eventually, I got bored with running around killing orcs and doing quests. I wanted something more. Something different. So I started looking into dating apps. I’d signed up for quite a few, but none of them were really working out for me. Tinder, of course is very popular, but it’s all superficial. People don’t actually go on dates there. They just hook up. And while I’m sure some people are successful at meeting people that way, I wasn’t having much luck.

Trying Again With Slutty Flirt

I saw ads for adult dating apps like Slutty Flirt, and decided to sign up. I read this article about it,, and it seemed like it was worth a shot. I didn’t have any luck there either, though. It seemed like everyone was super aggressive. Like “hey let’s fuck” kind of aggressive. I didn’t see myself as being in that category, and was afraid to try anything because I didn’t want to offend anyone. Eventually, I gave up on that whole scene.

Success with WoW!

One day in World of Warcraft, this new girl joined my guild. She was gorgeous, and she played her character so well, I couldn’t believe she wasn’t a professional voice actress. I spent the next several weeks hanging out with her, asking questions about her life. Eventually, we started talking to each other outside of the game. She became my girlfriend.

The reason she was such a good fit for me is that she’s a gamer too. She plays games like I do, and she knows what I’m going through when I play those games. We can talk about what I’m doing in the game, and she understands why I’m taking risks or making decisions. It helps us connect in real life, which is so important, especially when you’re both nerds like me and her.

She’s also a lot better than I am at World of Warcraft, so she was able to help me level faster. I had no idea I could get so far in the game by playing with someone else. When we ran dungeons together, I felt like we were winning the game. I realized that while playing alone might be fun sometimes, it doesn’t compare to the joy of working with another person toward a common goal.

Of course, I’m not saying that getting a girlfriend by playing video games is the right approach for everyone. But it worked for me. If you’ve tried everything else without success, consider giving WoW a shot. Just don’t expect it to work unless you put in some effort yourself!