Quests for Maple Story Mesos

There are more than one hundred Maple Story Mesos quests available in Maple Story of Cheap Maple Mesos, each with varying prerequisites to buy Maple Mesos. Players who need to buy Mesos must complete these Maple Story Mesos quests according to their levels. Sometimes some quests of Cheap Maple Mesos can only be completed after players complete another quest of Maple Story Mesos. Most available Maple Story Mesos quests require the player to retrieve a certain amount of spoils attained from monsters or to traverse an obstacle course. Some quests to buy Mesos can be repeated, although the reward(s) of Cheap Maple Mesos and given EXP may be different from those attained during their first completion to buy Maple Mesos.

Players can start jump Maple Story Mesos quests on a map and get to a certain platform by using the timed jumps. It is a kind of unique quest to buy Mesos in Maple Story. Players who need to buy Maple Mesos attempt to avoid enemies and obstacles that can knock them off of the platforms. When you are completing these Cheap Maple Mesos quests, skills and abilities to buy Mesos which increase jumping distance or speed do not have any effect on Maple Story Mesos.