WOW Gold: Paid Character Transfer Guide Part Three

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The RP (Role-playing) tag has no effect on transfer restrictions. If your RP realm is marked as “RP-PvP,” then it counts as a PvP realm. If you are on a realm marked only as “RP,” it counts as a normal PvE realm. The standard faction restrictions apply for PvP. WOW Gold Cheap is here.

The classification of a realm as “Oceanic” only refers to the realm’s local time settings. This classification will not affect your ability to transfer characters to or from that realm, although the realms may be restricted for other reasons.

To transfer one of your characters to another realm, simply log on to the Account Management section, click the Paid Character Transfer button, and follow the on-screen instructions. During the process you will be asked for your payment information. Once you have entered the necessary information and confirmed the transfers you will receive a confirmation email. The characters you signed up for transfers will be unavailable for play until the process finishes, which should take no more than five days. The estimated time for this transfer to be completed is provided when the character information is being entered. Come to when you need Buying WOW Gold.

Character transfers may take up to 5 days to process. You won’t be able to play the characters you signed up for a transfer during that time, so you may want to spread out your transfers so that not all your characters are locked at the same time. Once you’ve completed the transfer process as described above, your characters will appear on the destination realm, ready to continue your adventure.

If you see this error message even after you’ve cleared out your mailbox, then this probably means that you still have inbound mail that hasn’t arrived yet. Some quests generate mail to your character, or perhaps someone sent you a package that just hasn’t arrived yet. Simply wait until the mail arrives, clear your mailbox, and try again. Contact the in-game support (GM’s) if the problem persists.

After logging out of World of Warcraft, no character(s) will be available for transfer for up to 20 minutes. After being offline for 20 minutes, players can begin the paid character transfer process.

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