WOW Gold: Paid Character Transfer Guide Part Two

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Standard Restrictions:

– A character’s mailbox and auctions must be completely clear before that character can be transferred.
– A character that is the leader of a guild may not be transferred as long as he/she remains the leader. If you wish to transfer a character that is currently a guild leader you must transfer leadership to another member or disband your guild. Buy WOW Gold here!
– Your character(s) can be locked at any point during the processing of the transfer. If you log into the game before the transfer is complete and create any auctions, this will cause the transfer to fail and you will have to restart it through the website.
– If you are logged into a character before the transfer is complete, this may delay it from processing so we encourage you to stay logged out until it is done. Keep in mind that you will lose any mail that you leave in your mailbox when the process is completed.

Character Restrictions:

– Every character to be transferred has to be at least level 10.
– Characters carrying too much WOW Gold Money are not eligible for transfer, as follows:
– Level 10-30: 300 WOW Gold limit
– Level 31-50: 1000 WOW Gold limit
– Level 51-69: 5000 WOW Gold limit
– Level 70 – 80: 20000 WOW Gold limit
– An individual character may only be transferred once every 30 days.

Realm Restrictions:

– Characters on a realm that is not on the Eligible Source list cannot be moved to another realm.
– However, a character on a realm that is not listed as an eligible source can still be transferred from one account to another, as long as the character remains on the same realm (see elsewhere in this FAQ for information and restrictions on account-to-account transfers). Buying WOW Gold will help your game life.
– Realms listed on the Ineligible Destination list cannot receive characters from another realm.
– However, a character on an ineligible destination realm can be transferred from one account to another and remain on the same realm (see elsewhere in this FAQ for information and restrictions on account-to-account transfers).
– Transfers are only possible to PvP realms if there is no faction violation. That is, if you already have a character on your desired destination PvP realm, then you will not be able to transfer any characters of the opposing faction to this realm.
– You may only transfer characters to a realm as long as you will not exceed the maximum of ten characters per realm at your destination once the transfer is complete.
– Realms that frequently have queues and/or regularly show a high concurrency may be taken off the list of eligible destination realms to prevent overpopulating realms through character transfers.

Note: Please be aware that after logging out of World of Warcraft, a character will not be available for the paid character transfer service for up to 20 minutes.

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